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RAZ B. of B2K talks to TENAI about his Future, New Artist and New Projects | @TheTenaiShow

Raz B. of the classic R&B Boy Band B2K reached out to esteemed media platform The Tenai Show to discuss his upcoming projects, tour dates, and his new artist Parres Craft. Watch the full video from IG at the direct embedded video link below

Get familiar with Raz B's new artist Parres Craft below!

Parres Craft was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and spent his early years in Houston, Texas where he first had the opportunity to record and perform his original music. The artist quickly made a name for himself in Texas performing for Matthew Knowles and opening up for platinum selling artists such as Frankie J. The artist is a triple threat possessing vocal, dance, and acting skills. Parres style of music is unique combining HipHop, R&B, POP, and Afrobeat. The artist performance is incredible choreographed dance moves, melodic vocals, and a stage presence to be reckoned with. In May 2011, Parres moved to China to perform internationally and open up for artists such as Raz B from the iconic R&B group B2K. Parres became a boss in China recruiting new artists from USA, Europe, Mexico, and Spain to join his show. The artist toured China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar ,and eventually settled in Thailand. In January 2019,Parres released his debut single “Too Close” featuring Prince Oli, which is about lustful feelings on the dance floor. The second single and music video for his song “Real One” featuring Jon Glenn and J Coop was released February 2019. The song refers to the real one as the man who knows how to please a woman. The single “Make A Move” featuring Jon Glenn and J Coop was released June 2019. The song showcases Parres Hiphop flow, Asian influence and refers to the artist international lifestyle in Asia. Upcoming projects include his debut EP entitled, “Already Global”.

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