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[NEWS] Omar Gooding excited about NEW ROLE in the upcoming film PIECES

Esteemed Veteran television and film actor Omar Gooding is proud that Hollywood and the rest of the country is steadily opening up and returning to [somewhat] normal after the disheartening events that occurred due to the COVID19 pandemic. Omar takes pride in continuously working as an actor in today's climate and has a heap of fascinating projects currently in production that are set for upcoming 2022 / 2023 releases. Although Mr. Gooding is excited for all of the upcoming television and film releases that he's a part of, one of the upcoming film projects that he's particularly fond of is the forthcoming film project Pieces produced by Geechee One Films.

In the film Omar plays the role of movie producer Gio, and is surrounded by an excellent cast of talented rising performers such as Terrence Tmal Mallory, Donte Barr, Alona Guillory, Sammy "Nagi" Njuguna and popular southern stand up comedienne Laquita Johnson and more. The screenplay was written by rising trailblazing screenwriter, producer and filmmaker Felicia Rivers best known for producing and directing several acclaimed projects for Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Omar Gooding is proud to see the current success of Felicia Rivers and witness her come up over the past few years from producing small indie films, to now making "people to watch" lists, receiving praise at national film festivals and receiving major distribution for her latest film projects. Omar Gooding has expressed his respect for indie filmmakers and up and comers that breakthrough and obtain nationwide success for their art and screenplays.

Felicia River's writes and creates the stories that need to be told, and Omar Gooding is just one of the many amazing actors to help bring the characters and the narrative to life.

Omar Gooding talks about working with screenwriter / producer / director Felicia Rivers.

The Tenai Show speaks with Omar Gooding on The Red Carpet of 2018 Trumpet Awards





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