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Blacktopia Presents : Soulful Saturday

The Queen City unlocked all kind of jewels and diamonds this past weekend as Blacktopia hosted “Soulful Saturday.”

The event was none other than amazing featuring author Tammy Thomas, Lady Laureate , Poet JT, and hosted by Some Guy Name Jay.

Tammy Thomas, who is an Amazon best seller sprinkled her poetess rhymes on the crowd and filled the room up with excitement . She currently has co-written five poetry anthology books and her three solo projects, “Emotional Soul Of A Poetess”, and “Life Through Poetry’s Eyes”, and "Poetry's Truth: The Pen, The Paper, And The Words In Between The Lines", through Creative Talents Unleashed publishing company.

Aside from hearing some poetry , the guests were able to network , eat and dance , with music by the one and only Dj Wolf FFF.

Look out for the next event , which will be even bigger , featuring some of the most talented individuals from all over !


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