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Goals Friends Brunch With Tokyo Vanity & Supa Cent

This past weekend it was nothing but women empowerment , laughs and good knowledge ! GOAL FRIENDS BRUNCH, hosted by Reality superstar Tokyo Vanity (Love & Hip Hop Atl), and Ms. “Make 1 million dollars in two hours” herself, Supa Cent (Crayon case.) The women shared so much knowledge and advice , everyone who attended left out of there with a new confidence and outlook on business. The two women had some serious moments and there were some fun moments of course, but overall it was worth the time ! Supa Cent made headlines on Tuesday, November 27, for making one million dollars in 90 minutes on Cyber Monday. Supa Cent, popular for her words ‘ There is no elevator to success, you have to use the stairs,is a first hand product that it’s more than words and this it is oh so real! TOYKO Vanity Who was best-known for her out-of-nowhere hit “That’s My Best Friend,” which went viral back in 2015, has speed past that to make a while new image and respect for herself with being an outspoken personality on Love & Hip Hop.

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