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2019 AllStar Weekend -Charlotte

AllStar Weekend was not as expected to say the least. There were certain moments and events that were sUper Lit and others that looked like a regular OL weekend in the QC. 

Bleacher Report held a celeb event that featured a DJ battle , free MCDonalds for all attendees and a huge celeb ball game. This was by far my most fun experience the entire weekend as I got to catch up with some of your favorite celebs. 

The clubs were a bit dry and seemed to not have the turn out that was projected. I attended the Diddy party and it was nothing short of dry and empty . The superstar himself cane for 10 minutes and left out the back door. Was he embarrassed ? Was it not worth his time ? 

I did meet some of your favs such as Star of “Power” , Michael Rainey AKA Tyreek, Rapper Yella Beezy, NFL Star (Miami Dolphins) Walt Aiken’s, NBA Star Anthony Morrow and internet sensation Famouslos. (See pics) 

Either way , I can conclude that CIAA is way better than AllStar Week hands down , at least for Charlotte.

Maybe next time we will be more preroared and ready .

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